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I am greeting you most warmly! My name is Tamás Rujder. When I was a child, I was lucky enough to learn the basics of yoga meditation and controlling the flow of the Prana. I was 14 when I had the chance to share a wonderful experience while meditating that has had an impact on my life still today. I remember seeing lights everywhere and hearing the OM mantra not only in my mind, but everywhere, as if it was repeated and vibrated by thousands of people. I entered into a unity with everything and experienced a joy without any reasons. I was saturated by love and joy completely.

Immense energy waves, never experienced before, were transferring through me and my whole body was tingling.  It did not last long, because I was surprised so much that I got distracted from that deep and relaxed state I had got into. Since it was a spontaneous experience and I was not able to repeat it, I started to search for and learn methods that could lead me to replicate the incident. My spiritual journey was started off. It took 25 years to stumble on the answers, or rather, these were the answers that found me. Everything fitted together and I got to the level that harmony and happiness grew into a natural part of my life. I do also have challenges in my life as everyone has. However, I have gained an understanding how to handle them, moreover, I am able to be happy, even if the world surrounding us is mad and chaotic in many cases.

Everyone must take his or her own path, nevertheless, there is always an assistance to rely on, such as the teachers and masters that inspire and guide us. From whom have I learnt a lot, by whom have I been taught even today?  They are going to be subject of my written discourse at the end of my introduction, since without them I would not be in the position to write these lines. I feel grateful for having the opportunity to get myself familiarized with them and their teachings.

My selected profession is an IT specialist, which I am applying enthusiastically beside my teaching activities, energy therapies as well as spiritual coaching even up to now as an enterpriser.  I am interested in everything contributing to intensifying spiritual peace and harmony. The reason why I am gripped by IT is, because it is aspired by the desire to make harmony and order. IT either functions or does not, and only rarely can one encounter uncertainties while dealing with it. I owe it to IT to be able to think in terms of systems and models. I tend to integrate and enhance everything that functions right away, however, what is not able to function will be deleted.

I am evolving in every angle this way…

My Inner Force trainings are based on exercises. I find this crucial, since authentic knowledge can be really accessible via experience. To you I can linger on the healing impacts of meditation such as the fact that it is able to regenerate the body on the level of the DNA, however, as long as you do not encounter with its marvellous effects, information will remain a hint and not an authentic knowledge.

You could put forward the question what a spiritual teacher teaches?   It is a „label” that is picked. Nothing more. What I teach is how to behave truly to yourself: how to detect your own spiritual self, your real essence. It is not an easy exercise, since everybody embodies an individual code incorporating disharmonious programmes, established habits that should be recognized and left behind. I partook in a lot of trainings focussing on energy and the spirit, furthermore, I accomplished meditation and self-awareness courses. Most of the things that I learnt from them I have incorporated in my life. Being open impelled me to grow, to think further and to generate new techniques. Owing to the fact of being able to encounter with the awareness of feeling One, I could set up a training system called “Inner Force Training”.

Having learnt the technique to achieve this consciousness you will be able to share multiple, inexpressible, but wonderful experience by the time you get to the end of your quest. The “Quester” will become a “Connoisseur”. Joy will not only be a temporary visitor in your life, but it will become permanent and natural to you. I am pleased to share the reflections and methods having led me to end my quest.

What you may expect from me are contents and programmes to assist you with becoming aware of your true Self. If your inner love is fused with wisdom, then harmony and happiness will become apparent naturally in your life. What I teach is this natural process.

The methods and techniques are based on direct experience via which I am to be of your use to get awaken. Beyond a simple theory to learn, a lot of exercises can be anticipated from me.

While learning, you will be able to build up yourself from your own experience. Your authentic experience will take you the “level of wonders”. The term is written in brackets, because, if these “wonders” turn into be a part of your every-day life, what is believed to be impossible till now will become habitual.

So that you can be invited to join the most successful Advanced and Master Inner Force Training, it is key to learn the basics. If you devote time to them, they can be internalized in 3-4 hours.

You can register for the Basic Inner Force Course

<< Registration and information on the basic training course >>

My most important masters include:
Janos Rujder, Pal Biegelbauer, Istvan Makk, Mária Deseő, Margó Honti, Béla Balogh, Miklós Papp, Rüdiger Dahlke, Thorwald Dethlefsen, James Redfield, Echart Tolle, Anthony de Mello, Kahlil Gibran, Mantak Chia, Paramahamsa Prajnanananda, H.W.L. Poonja – Papaji, Mooji, Rupert Spira, Sylvia Ciraki-Rujder including everybody I get in touch with.🙂

Kind regards,

Tamás Rujder

Should you have any questions, please, send an e-mail by using the folowing online form.

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